Motocross is a popular form of amateur motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits with large tracks which incorporate natural terrain features and a few man made jumps, if any.

Motocross races usually consist of two thirty-minute races where the racer with the lowest total time or score wins the race.

Motocross Apparel and Clothing

Racers wear a large range of motocross apparel primarily for protection but also for style.

Motocross apparel and clothing include helmets, boots, jerseys, pants, gloves, chest protectors, goggles and jackets most of which are brightly colored and designed to minimise injury in the event of an accident.

Motocross Motorcycles

Motocross motorcycles are lightweight machines built for acceleration rather than high speeds through the use of two-stroke or four-stroke engines.

Knobby tires provide traction on loose surfaces while a highly absorbent suspension system allows recovery from heavy landings.

The saddle of the motocross motorcycle is elongated over the fuel tank to provide the rider with additional protection over bumps or hard landings.

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